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The company 7 days Energy, SE is a trading company and part of the holding Titan spol. s ro, which was founded in 1990. Companies currently operate in the territory of:

Czech Republic

Of the Slovak Republic



Thanks to our own development and production of LED lighting under the BENLUXON brand, we have become a company in this area that guarantees a high standard using the latest technologies.

Our solution - development, production, solution design, project documentation, implementation.

At the moment, we are also dealing with intelligent lighting solutions.

What we make

BENLUXON  - a brand that has honestly paved the way since 2010 with all the complexities of LED lighting development. From average quality components in  electronic areas, through different levels of quality of alloys used for cooling luminaires and suitable and less suitable models of luminaire covers for indoor and outdoor environments. Today, under the BENLUXON brand, you will find only products in  the highest class of components in all parts of the luminaire, which make up one complete product specifically designed for a specific customer.

BENLUXON differs from other manufacturers precisely in that it does not use unified products for all types of products and customers, but for specific conditions it designs and manufactures the exact type of luminaire so that its utility value and guarantee is as high as possible.

BENLUXON - a range of LED lighting products in  range of office space, storage space, production halls, public lighting up to special bodies for excessively stressed operations with  higher humidity, temperature and aggressive environments. Today, we are able to light up almost any operation with a guarantee.

Co vyrábíme
Proč naše svítidla

Why our luminaires

7days Energy, SE operates in all markets through sales representatives who operate in  first of all, they find out the needs of the customer, obtain basic information and documents from him. They hand over everything to the design department, which processes the project documentation with  optimal composition of BENLUXON luminaire parameters, economics of operation and investment calculation with  return.

The merchant then returns to  to the customer with  complete offer, which together with  analyzes it and adjusts it according to his needs so that it is as advantageous as possible for the customer. IN  if interested, it will also offer investment financing options.

By mutual agreement, the order follows and in  if necessary, the installation of luminaires. But customer care does not end with this step. IN  within the warranty period, which can be extended up to a five-year period, the customer has a complete and fast service. After the expiration of the warranty period, all BENLUXON luminaires are repairable - spare parts or their adequate replacements are available  available.



BENLUXON lighting meets all ecological parameters of modern LED luminaires:

  • Saving 55 - 90% of electricity when lighting, a significant reduction in production during its CO2 production

  • All materials used are recyclable, built on a natural basis, without the use of harmful substances - mercury and gases

  • BENLUXON luminaires do not emit ultraviolet and infrared radiation harmful to human health

  • The service life of the luminaires is 50,000 hours, several times longer than with standard types of lights

Kam směřujeme

Where are we going?

BENLUXON constantly monitors trends and responds to all news in development, setting trends in  lighting.

The latest line of products in  testing is BENLUXON lighting for explosive environments - a new range of luminaires with the European Directive 94/9 / EC or ATEX - use in  environment with  danger of explosion.

New are controllable lighting systems and systems for intelligent buildings. These are complete lighting automation systems, controlled by analog and digital processes, which increase electricity savings several times over and ensure unrivaled lighting comfort in the workplace.

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