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Industrial lighting

Benluxon Industrial


Benluxon Industrial Lighting is used in production halls of various types where high lighting requirements are required. Operating hours of lighting often range from 10-24 hours a day. High-quality lighting provides a high level of illumination, greatly increases workplace safety and productivity. It contributes to a greater sense of well-being among employees. Service tasks on older types of lighting systems result in loss of manufacturing process time. Lighting must be stable, which maintains low maintenance and energy costs.

Benluxon LED Lighting is an ideal solution for upgrading existing sodium lamps or for lighting a new building. Benluxon LEDs can achieve significant energy savings compared to lamps that have insufficient heat dissipation.

We can integrate intelligent lighting elements such as DALI, wireless ZigBee, analogue 1-10V dimming, daylight / motion / PIR sensor,


Using these elements, we can generate even more significant energy savings.



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