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Company 7 days Energy, SE is a trading company and a part of the holding company Titan spol. s r.o., which was established in 1990. The company currently operates in the territory:

Czech Republic

Slovak Republic



Thanks to our own development and production of LED lighting under the BENLUXON brand, we have become a company in this field that guarantees a high standard using state-of-the-art technology.

Our solutions - development, production, solution design, project documentation, realization.

At the moment, we also deal with intelligent lighting control.

What we produce

BENLUXON - a brand that has since 2010 honestly paced the way through all the complexities of LED lighting. From average-quality components in the electronic area, through the different quality levels of alloys used to cool the luminaires and suitable and less suitable models for indoor and outdoor lighting fixtures. Today, under the BENLUXON brand, you can find only products in the highest class of components in all parts of the luminaire, which consist of one single product specifically designed for a particular customer.

BENLUXON is distinguished from other manufacturers by not using unified products for all product types and customers but designing and manufacturing the exact type of luminaire for specific conditions so that its value and guarantee are as high as possible.

BENLUXON - a series of LED lighting products in a range of office space, storage space, production halls, public lighting to special housing for the over-stressed plants with higher humidity, temperature and corrosive environments. Today we are able to guarantee light up almost any operation.

Co vyrábíme
Proč naše svítidla

Why our lamps

7days Energy, SE operates in all markets through sales representatives who primarily identify the needs of the customer, obtain basic information and background material from it. All transmit engineering department which processed the project documentation with optimum structure parameters BENLUXON fixtures, economy of operation and calculation of investment returns.

The trader is then returned to the customer with a complete offering, which together with him analyze and adjust according to their needs so that best value for the customer. In the case of interest and offers options for financing investment.

By mutual agreement follows the order and, if necessary, install lights. This step of customer care does not end. Within the warranty period, which can be extended up to five years, the customer has a complete and prompt service. After the guarantee period has elapsed, all BENLUXON luminaires are repairable - spare parts, or their adequate replacements, are available.



BENLUXON lighting meets all the ecological parameters of modern LED luminaires:

  • Savings 55 - 90% of electricity during lighting, a significant reduction in CO2 production

  • All used materials are recyclable, built on natural basis, without the use of harmful substances - mercury and gases

  • BENLUXON luminaires don´t emit harmful to human health ultraviolet and infrared radiation

  • The lifetime of the luminaires is 50,000 hours, several times higher than for standard types of lights

Kam směřujeme

Where we are heading

BENLUXON continually follows trends and responds to developments in all developments, giving trends in lighting.

The latest range of products in testing lighting BENLUXON for explosive environments - a new line of fixtures with European Directive 94/9 / EC or ATEX - use in potentially explosive atmospheres.

New features are manageable lighting systems and intelligent building systems. These are complete lighting automation systems, controlled by analogue and digital processes, increasing multiple power savings and unrivaled light workplace at workplaces.

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