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High power LED street lighting

120 lm / W



Smooth design

The smooth body of the luminaire significantly reduces the accumulation of dust  and minimizes the impact of the environment on the performance and life of the luminaire

30W,  50W,  70W,  90W,  120W,  150W

IP66 protection

Reliable waterproof design with high quality waterproof seal ensures  degree of protection up to IP66.

Hassle-free replacement and easy maintenance

Seamless buckle design:
The luminaire body can be easily opened / closed with just one hand

Tool-free LED electronics replacement

Locking mechanism:
When the luminaire is opened, the locking mechanism between the upper and lower part is automatically raised, Comfort for maintenance.

Safety disconnection protection during maintenance:

Electricity will be automatically when the luminaire is opened  disconnected and ensures safety for maintenance personnel

Daylight sensor control

Solar system

Time control

The light will be on when ambient

lighting drops below 6lx
(night or cloudy day).
The light goes out,
  when surrounding

the lighting exceeds  50lx

Solar panel
Smart controller
LED public light

Possibility of setting

on / off

lighting according to


Horizontally +/- 15 °

Vertically +  15 °

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